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Mar 23

Best Paper Trimmer ReviewsWhether scrapbooking, creating greeting cards or flyers, or cutting fabric for quilting, a paper trimmer becomes a time-saving convenience for the true crafter. Instead of having to measure lines with a ruler, protractor, and pen, a paper cutter with a mat can make quick work of cutting multiple objects at once. This is a look at different types of paper cutters.

First up is the CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12 inch features 12 inches of cutting potential for mat board, foam board, plastic sheets, and more. The magnetic paper guide holds the paper in place while cutting. This product also includes an extra carbide blade, cutting mat, and perforated blade.

Next, there is the Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer. This product can slice through 10 sheets of paper at once. In addition, it is constructed out of plastic, so it can easily be transported to wherever it is needed. A latch locks the blase in place when not in use. This product is covered by a 10 year warranty.

The CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 15 inch paper trimmer. This paper trimmer features a carbide blade that can cut through 30 sheets of paper at once. Also, this product can be used for cutting through 1/8″ foam board, card stock, plastic sheets, and more. While cutting through the paper or other materials, it also features a patented locking rail system that holds materials in place while being cut. Extra cutting mats and blades can be stored in a special compartment on this paper trimmer. With the exception of the cutting blade and mat, this product is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

The Fiskars LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is unique in the way that it has 15 LEDs to show where the final cut will be. This paper trimmer features 12 inches of cutting surface, and is able to slice through 12 sheets of 20-lb. paper at once. This product also uses a titanium carbide blade for cutting precision.

Finally, there is the Swingline ClassicCut Pro Guillotine Trimmer. This is a 15″ trimmer with a stainless steel blade that can slice through 15 sheets of paper at once. For a larger trimmer, it also has a long 10 year warranty for continuous use. It also features a dual inch/centimeter scale and a latch to lock the blade when it’s not in use. This product is best used for photos, regular paper, and laminated paper.

One will need to consider the size and type of materials that they are working with in order to determine the best choice for a paper cutter. This, along with budget considerations, will help the customer make the best choice for their personal needs.

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Mar 14

Best Camping TentYou cherish the outside, particularly when you invest a great deal of time there. There is something quiet about outdoors overnight in a lovely setting. The sounds, the odor of the natural air. It is such a flight from your normal, occupied life. In the event that you are the sort who adores to camp, then camping tents are something that you’ll unmistakably require.

Which are come in diverse shapes & sizes. There are additionally tents that are intended for certain climate conditions. Case in point, some outdoors tents are composed as all climate tents, and some have a great safety against the wind. There are likewise some greatly specific tents. You can’t hope to utilize the same tent on Mt. Everest as you might a warm, wind free campground in the mid year.They are versatile havens minor enough to be collapsed or moved and conveyed by one individual. Tents comprise of a sheet of fabric of comparative material wrapped over or joined to an edge of shafts. Present day tents have sturdy waterproof fabrics and foldable aluminum shafts.

Some Tips Help You Choose The Best Camp Tent

Purpose: What do you require the tent for? Individuals who make a go at outdoors frequently may feel as though they require some outdoors tents. Furthermore this is correct, particularly in the event that you camp in distinctive atmospheres or take various types of outdoors excursions. For instance, in the event that you do a great deal of hiking and a mess of comfortable outdoors, you will require diverse outdoors tents of each.

Lackadaisical tents might be substantial and when you are by walking, you need something that is exceptionally lightweight.

The Features -Another significant attention when buying camping tents are the characteristics. This likewise ties in with the motivation behind the tent. Assuming that you do a considerable measure of summed up outdoors, you will most likely need outdoors tents that have a mixture of diverse characteristics. When all is said in done, you will need a tent that is not difficult to set up and will have offers like solidness, wind safety, and potentially a mosquito net.

How to Learn -Simply settling on a buy choice on which of the outdoors tents you might like is insufficient. When you purchase it, you will verify you grasp how to utilize it. Disappointment to utilize your outdoors tents legitimately can accelerate some extremely uncomfortable and even perilous scenarios. Have numerous practice runs before you truly bring your tent with you while outdoors.

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Feb 22

Most kitchens come standard with things like a stove and refrigerator, but there are other essential home appliances that every kitchen needs in order to be up to date and highly functional. Here are the five top home appliances a kitchen needs to be considered modern and up to date:


Slow cookerIn these days when people work long hours at their jobs one appliance that is essential is a slow cooker. Slow cookers are great tools that let you cook a whole meal easily while you are at work. They are good for cooking things like stews, meat, casseroles, soups and even some kinds of desserts.


MicrowaveA microwave is a fantastic appliance no kitchen should be without. You can not only heat up leftovers, but you can also cook some types of foods such as frozen meals, canned vegetables, soups, or make snacks like popcorn and more. There are several kinds of microwaves to choose from, including large ones that mount above a stove to small ones meant for a small apartment or dorm room.

Indoor Grill

Indoor GrillThe indoor grill is a great tool trending these days that is good for healthier cooking than old charcoal or propane grills. They come in several sizes and are very easy to use and to clean. They have a non-stick service and the fat from the foods you make drains off, thus making the foods less fatty and healthier. These grills are a great alternative to grilling outside, as well as to baking or frying meats.


ToasterA toaster is a great appliance for making a fast breakfast or light lunch. Depending on the model, you can toast between two and six slices of bread at a time, or toast bagels, frozen pastry, or English muffins. These foods can be combined with fillings to make sandwiches, little pizzas, and more. It’s best to buy one that is either chrome or stainless steel because those are easier to clean and keep looking new.


BlenderA blender with several speeds on it is also a must have for any modern kitchen. Using a blender you can make tasty and nutritional smoothies or milkshakes, as well as crush ice or puree vegetables and fruits for drinks or for feeding to babies. It’s best to look for a high powered blender that has a secure lid, as well as a pouring spout. Glass blender jars are best, as they are easier to keep clean and sanitary.

The bottom line is that these five appliances will make your cooking jobs easier and faster and are considered to be five of the most essential kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen.

Feb 10


Staying in shape now or days can be very hard, not only because of yummy fatty foods but because a lot of people either can’t afford a gym membership or just simply don’t have the time to go to one. Building an in home gym may sound expensive but is worth it in the long run.

Choosing the Right Location In Your Home

Depending upon the layout of your house, you can either have a specific room designated for your gym, or you can have an open gym, such as in the garage or living room even. It all depends on what equipment you want to use. Also, many people choose between listening to music or watching television while exercising so that is something to take into consideration as well. Most importantly though, you need to figure out what equipment you want to use and then find the right spot in the house.

Gym Equipment Suitable For In Home Use

If you don’t like running outside a treadmill is a great piece of equipment to add to your gym. You still get the cardio workout you want with the comfort of an air conditioned room. For those who don’t like to run, an electric bike is another great option. Many people also look to build muscle so dumbbells would be a good idea to have as well. A couple other ideas is a kettle ball or a weight bench. Make sure to place mats down for slip resistant purposes.

Finding the Right Workout Techniques

If you have a television in your gym it’s a great idea to look to DVDs for work out regimens. They will teach you the proper and most effective ways to use your equipment to the fullest. It is also important to know how to use your equipment properly so that you don’t hurt yourself. Set allotted times for each workout as well to also avoid injury.

It’s As Simple As That

Building an in home gym can be a great idea for anyone. Take the time and do your research to insure what you are purchasing is best for you. Some work out machines are built for full body work outs as where some machines are built for specific work outs. Having an in home gym is a great idea for anyone looking to get in shape and you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

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Jan 30

Five Things to Remember When You Shop OnlineShopping online can be very convenient and easy for people to do. They can shop at any time that is right for them. In the morning, afternoon or night, the online stores are open and ready for business all year long. When people like to shop online there are some things that they need to pay attention to so they don’t have any problems with the purchases that they make.

It Is Important To Read The Return Policy

When a person is shopping online such as amazon.com, ebay.com or target.com, they need to make sure that they check out the return policy on any site that they wish to purchase something from. This is important because when they receive their merchandise, they might not be happy with it. They will need to know how to return if they need to, and they also need to find out the time frame they will have to do so. Another thing that they should watch for is how much it will cost them to return the item.

Buyers Need To Be Aware Of The Shipping Fee

When purchasing online, a person needs to understand that there will be a shipping fee involved. They should check the amount of the shipping fee before they place the order. In some cases, there is free shipping if a person spends a certain amount. It is important to take note of any savings that they can obtain with the shipping fees.

Notice The Ratings On The Online Stores Goods

Most online stores will rate their own goods. They will say terms that will describe the quality of the piece. The shopper should make sure that they notice these ratings and pay attention to them.

Deciding On An Item To Purchase

It is important to take the time to shop and compare the items with other online stores. The prices and quality may vary, and a person needs to make sure that they are purchasing the item that they want.

Listen To Others Experiences With The Online Store

There are places on the online stores website’s where people can place comments about their experiences when they have purchased something from them – www.toptenreviewsratings.com. A person should be sure to read what it being said about the online store, and how they conduct their business.

Shopping online will be a better experience if a person follows the steps above. They will need to do this on a regular basis so that they get what they are paying for.

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Jan 16

Beyerdynamic-DT-990-Pro-250-HeadphonesYou spend a lot of money on your audio equipment and then listen to music on your stock headphones dulling the actual musical experience. Why sacrifice on the listening experience with stock headphones? Experience a life changing event when it comes to hearing your favorite music and artists with crystal clarity. When it comes to quality Beyerdynamic is world known for its quality and the Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Professional Acoustically Open Headphones are no different. From the gold plated stereo jack with the 1/4″ adapter to the extremely comfortable headphones you can get lost in your own world of music!

Muisc Lovers Favorite

Music lovers are best known for tending to buy these type of experience who want no sacrifice in their quality and experience. The soft velour ear pad headphones include a reduced weight of the diaphragm and moving coil that outputs a result very similar to pulse characteristic as electrostatic headphones. Engineers with Beyerdynamic have outdone themselves when they carefully tailored the frequency response which offers a completely natural and balanced sound quality.

Movie Fans and Privacy Features

They are great for connecting to your audio equipment to get the full experience, yet at the same time not disturbing neighbors or loved ones. You will be drawn into the movie as if you were there experiencing it in real life. The Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Professional Acoustically Open Headphones have a snug but comfortable fit holding in the sounds without allowing any disturbing noises escaping to bother others.

Choice of People Who Travel

Taking a long trip or traveling often? These headphones will help keep you entertained as your reach your destination. A long boring will transform your voyage into a musical adventure that will have you looking for additional reasons to take trips and take advantaged of the exhilarating musical escape. With Beyerdynamic reputation for using the latest technologies and exceeding the highest expectations in regards to their quality you will see why this German based company has earned this reputation.

Not Too Cheap

The headphones, unfortunately, are not cheap but the great news is that they are also not the most expensive out there on the market and still don’t lack in any quality. You can put them up next to the best. So although they may be a little pricey they will definitely last and not have to be replaced any time soon like most stock headphones that have to be replaced often.

For those out there who are looking for the best musical experience most music lovers will definitely recommend the Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Professional Acoustically Open Headphones. Research them, try them out and see how you can experience music in a new light wondering how you ever listened to music without these headphones before!

Toptenreviewsratings.com is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.

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Dec 23

Smoking weed is not a good way to live healthy. Therefore, many people are trying to quit smoking weed. However, most of them do not know how to stop smoking weed in properly. Most of them are addicted to this ingredient. As the result, they cannot live without weed. In this article, there are some useful tips that people can follow when they want to stop their smoking habit. Many people are able to stop smoking weed successfully after they follow these simple tips for some period of time. Here are some of those effective tips.

1. Remove all pot, devices, and supplies

This is the first useful tip that people can do to stop their smoking habit. It is considered as the best way to smoking weed. Without having all required devices or supplies, people are not able to smoke anymore. They should not have any access to the weed supplier. This method can force them to stop their smoking habit. As the result, they should be able to stop their smoking habit instantly. Most people are not comfortable with this method because it does not allow them to smoke weed in the future. However, this method should be done to stop their smoking habit.

2. Talk to professional experts

This is another good tip that people can do when they want to learn how to stop smoking weed. Professional experts usually deal with many patients who have problems with weed. Therefore, they should be able to answer any questions from their patients. These experts may recommend some action, such as joining a rehabilitation center, do some healthy activities, and many other good things, to forget the smoking habit. Talking to a professional is proven to be very effective to help people stop their smoking habit.

3. Hypnotherapy

This is another effective way to quit smoking weed. Some experts believe that hypnotherapy is a good way to stop bad habit, such as smoking habit. However, this therapy should be done by professionals to avoid any problems in the future. This therapy is good to help people forget their bad habit, including their smoking habit.

They are two effective ways that people can do to stop their smoking habit. Learning how to quit smoking weed is a good way for people who want to improve their health. They can live with healthy lifestyle after reducing their smoking habit. There are many other healthy activities that they can do with their friends or family members. Weed is not a good ingredient for human health. Therefore, this ingredient should be avoided by people who want to improve their health.

Effective way to quit smoking weed – Recommended ReadingWikihow

Nov 09

Giving Your Baby A Healthy BathThere are many fears and concerns that many first time parents face when bathing a newborn baby. The fear of drowning, where the baby should be bathed, how to wash the baby, when to give a bath, and many other concerns arise at first. Overcoming these fears is as simple as following a few guidelines and tips that will keep your baby safe and your peace of mind intact.

When and how often should you bathe your baby?

This is a question many parents face. When you bathe your baby is really up to you. The important thing to remember is that a constant schedule is essential. This is true with every aspect of a newborns life, not just bathing. A newborn also doesn’t need bathed every day. This actually dries out their skin and unless they have a mess on themselves don’t require daily bathing.

What type of bath should you give your newborn?

Many parents struggle with where to bathe. Should it be in a tub of water or not? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that newborns be bathed using a sponge, at least until the umbilical cord completely falls off. After that, giving your baby a healthy bath will depend on your preferences.

What tips can help you with giving a sponge bath?

When giving your newborn a sponge bath, it’s useful to prepare the area and all of the items you will need before hand. You should have a flat surface where you can lay a towel and have access to water. Be sure to have your soap and sponge handy, as well.

What information can help you in giving your baby a healthy bath in water?

The water should be warm to the touch. Around the temperature of the body is good. This will be the most comfortable for the baby while helping stay warm. You also should only use 1 to 2 inches of water. The most valuable tool you can invest in will be a free standing plastic tub which is designed especially for newborns.

What key elements of bathing a newborn should you be aware of?

There are a few goals of bathing a baby that you should be mindful of. The first is body heat. Using towels, blankets, and the correct temperature water can help make a bath as pleasant and painless as possible for a baby. It’s also important to remember their safety. Proper planning and the right equipment can help ensure the safety of your baby while giving your baby a healthy bath.

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Oct 30

Best Bike PumpsAt last a weekend where bad weather isn’t forecast. In fact it’s going to be absolutely beautiful outside. I think I’ll pack a light lunch and hit the bike trails for the day. But wouldn’t you know it my bike tires are flat and I can’t find my tire pump anywhere, Murphy’s Law strikes again. Not to be discouraged I grab my laptop and visit my ole pal Amazon to find a new floor bike tire pump.

Low and behold I found a bunch of them all rated four and one half stars. So I here are my five picks and my choice for my new Floor Bike Pump.

The first one I looked at was the Topeak, Joe Blow Sprint Floor Pump by Backcountry. Their pump features and Aluminum barrel and stable steel base. The handle locks which prevents pump handle from being extended while on the road. It also features and easy to read top mounted gauge with PSI indicator dial with a pressure release button for an accurate measurement of tire pressure. Selling for $55.96 with free shipping it’s a bit pricier then I had wanted.

The next one I checked out was the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump by Lezyne. It features a precision high-pressure floor pump with a steel barrel, made with a steel piston. It also boasts a varnished wood handle and a fairly durable aluminum base and also Composite Matrix connectors. The ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and a 43″ hose easily reach your Presta or Schrader valves. Its included Speed Chuck makes the pump compatible with disc wheels and its 2-1/2″ oversized gauge is precise and easy to read. Priced at $55.51 it too was a tad more then I wanted to spend on a tire pump.

Third on my list was the Serfas Women’s Bicycle Floor Pump, by Serfas. With its flashy pink color and simple valve pump head which fits both Presta and Schrader valves. It also has a durable metal barrel and base and ergonomic handle. It also features reduced stand over height and is equipped with ball and accessory attachments. Priced at $44.99 it wasn’t bad but pink just isn’t my color.

The next one I looked at was the Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump by Serfas. It’s a very nice simple valve pump head which fits both Presta and Schrader valves. It features an all metal barrel and nylon base and has a 160 PSI capacity. It comes equipped with ball and accessory attachments at $33.07

My favorite was the Pump Me Up! Floor Pump, by Geared2U. It’s a premium lightweight aluminum bike floor pump, and is CNC Machined for precision and is Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible. It also comes with a Bike Frame Mount Attachment Kit and is extremely compact and portable. Best of it comes with a No Risk – No Questions Asked – Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee at $35.79 with free shipping this was a no brainer. It arrives Friday.

Oct 11

In the opinion of pediatricians, child psychologists and even parents, a play yard is a baby care item whose usage bears strong consideration but has both positive and negative aspects.

Baby Play YardsWhat play yards, play pens and pack & plays are

In the USA, the term play pen connotes a piece of baby furniture designed for the purpose of providing a safe and stable environment for babies and toddlers. Originally made of wood for both the sides and bottom surface, play pens were square shaped with a pad placed across the 4-by-4 foot bottom surface. As time passed and expense became a consideration, while still square shaped, play pens were made from a mesh-webbing fabric which ultimately gave the play pen less of a fenced-in aura.

The majority of play yards are larger than play pens and afford a variety of shape options. Play yards consist of four to six heavy-duty plastic panels that lock together in either a rectangular or hexagonal arrangement.

While pack & play is a brand name associated with a particular, well-known baby care furnishings company, basically, they are a combination of a play area and a bassinette.

Advantages Associated With a Play Yard, Play Pen or Pack & Play

The overall purpose of these items is to provide a safe and stable environment for infant development. Whether wooden or mesh, they are designed to enhance muscular coordination as babies learn to roll over, sit erect, stand and take those first steps. From the viewpoint of pediatricians and child psychologists, the usage of one of these items contributes to the capacity for self-entertainment derived from toys and other educational items placed within them.

Irregardless of its size and shape, the usage of one of these items avoids the possibility of contact with electrical outlets, sharp corners on furniture and cords attached to TVs and other items that could result in serious injury or a fatal accident.

Some Negative Connotations of a Play Yard, Play Pen or Pack & Play

If baby falls asleep while occupying one of these, for many child caregivers, there is the temptation not to chance waking the child in the process of moving him or her to a crib or bassinette to continue napping.

From the viewpoint of modern day pediatricians, child psychologists and parents, the usage of one of these items, places restrictive limitations on freedom and on cognitive learning and development derived from the ability to explore the world around him or her.

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